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hmmh.. looking for a new phone..
any advises?
please if you have any user account (twitter, google, openID or some) please reply your favourite, and prefer something for me..
no Samsungs please, if it's not Galaxy S or something kind of that..
it should be youknow, touchscreen, but not tablet..
give me the price too :)
should I post a pic of my tattoo sometime? :o

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Best song from year 2011
Without video:
Isn't it good? If you did like, please do not watch with video ! D:

With video:

Sorry but I had to place this in here.. ;D;D;

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Hello World !
So, today I came to school few mins ago, most of ppl are here at first class, which started about now, 10AM.
O'mai, my teacher's speaking alots of things that we should do and what we're gonna do for next week..
Ahh, good music with my new cute pink headset (;
Should I go check my facebook..?
Guess there's nothing new, never anything..
Useless place..
Of course I could get some new readers from there, but I can be pretty sure that they don't like to read any blogs in english, because we are Finns here in Finland d;

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